Clifford Lomas


Philippa Bonorino, from Romiley

Philippa had been affected by migraines since she was a child and these continued throughout adulthood. She gave up traditional treatment which had offered little relief from her migraines. Philippa was amazed at the results of her treatment by Clifford and that this was done without the need for drugs.

Jean Sharrock from Cale Green

I had suffered a traumatic blow to the head about 5 years ago which had knocked my jaw out of its socket and caused spinal problems because of the downward thrust. The jaw problem was not noticed in an MRI scan (nor was I given a spinal X-ray except later by a Chiropractor) but Jan de Vries (also a registered Osteopath and Naturopath at Troon) intervened and started the journey to recovery. Unfortunately the trauma had also left me with an uncontrollable hemi-facial spasm (HFS) which seriously affected my musical activities as a wind instrument player as well as just being very embarrassing! When I moved here to Stockport as primary carer to my parents, Clifford was recommended to me (by friends and by Jan de Vries) and he has been helping me for just over a year now. I am able to play my beloved Oboe again and function almost normally (with heavy physical duties as a carer) without back/neck pain or self-conscious awkwardness with a chronic HFS. My Life has changed very much for the better and I thank Clifford and Jan very much for their help. I also thank Liz Shaw a Stockport-based Acupuncturist, for her beneficial treatments. I recommend that you seek advice from Complementary Medicine Practitioners whatever you are worried about with your health…it is the first step to recovery!

Sue from Stockport

Having suffered with a severe stiff spine and neck joints for six years, my symptoms consisted of back pain and severe migraines. Firstly I tried seeing a physiotherapist, having traction and acupuncture treatments, from which I did not receive any long term benefits. For the last three years I have been visiting Clifford for treatment for my symptoms. He manipulates my joints and also does deep muscular massage in the surrounding tissue. Since attending Clifford’s practice, my spine and neck joints are much looser and have better movement. Also I no longer suffer with migraines. I feel I now have a much better quality of life and this is thanks to Clifford.